Meet Dr. Oberlin McDaniel

Raised on a farm in rural North Carolina Dr. Oberlin McDaniel grew up riding horses and helping with her family’s cattle herd at an early age.  Dr. McDaniel attended North Carolina State University where she received a bachelor degree in animal science and nutrition as well as a master degree in poultry science.  May of 2017 she graduated from NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine where throughout her veterinary school career her main focus was developing knowledge and skills to better serve livestock producers and pet owners of Northeastern North Carolina. Dr. McDaniel’s passion is helping farmers achieve their goals raising livestock with emphasis on marketing, nutrition, genetics, fertility, environment, record keeping and of course herd health!

"Dr. McDaniel is my vet of choice because I can always count on her for fast, quality service, even if it means delivering a calf during the middle of the night during a thunderstorm."

-Mark Boseman
Cattle Client